Bodybuilding: Ballistic Training

While slow repetitions and descending nandrolone decanoate kaufen repetitions can maximize muscle growth, performing each repetition in a series as quickly and explosively as possible (ballistically) will develop strength and power maximizing recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers. hypertrophy . Also, fast twitch fibers have a greater growth potential than slow twitch fibers, which is another reason to use fast reps to stimulate hypertrophy.

You can also improve muscle growth with ballistic training for indirect reasons. The stronger you get, the more weight you will be able to use in the future in a particular exercise with the same number of repetitions, which can lead to the. With ballistic training you can do the negative part of each repetition under control instead of lowering the weight. On the bright side, you will frequently push or pull the weight (depending on the selected exercise) as fast as possible within the RCM (maximum heart rate), to the point that the weight may slip from your hands due to increased repetition speed.

Selection of exercises, the weight used, the number of repetitions and even the rest periods are crucial when doing ballistic repetitions. Not all exercises can be done explosively because safety takes precedence over training style. For example, free-weight chest press exercises, in which the bar or dumbbells are directly on the trunk and can fall when you lose control, are not the best choice for ballistic training. ideal since the weight can be safely released from the hands at the end of a repetition. Since the movement path is fixed, it can be much easier to catch the bar when lowering

Machines, especially the Smith machine, are often the equipmentthat if they were free weights. Smith machine bench with incline or decline bench (chest); rowing with a Smith machine arm (back); press overhead on Smith machine and row up (shoulders). For the arms you can use the pulley curls (biceps) and the pulls (triceps) in ballistic repetitions. The amount of weight to be used in explosive repetitions should be much less ( about half the resistance) than can be used in repetitions at normal speed. The key point

Examples of appropriate exercises are the press

Ballistic training is moving the weight in the concentric part much faster than normal. Using a heavy weight does not allow this and can also cause injury. But even thinking the weight might be such that you could do more reps than normal, they should stay in the range of 3 to 5. In other words, you may not train until failure when you do ballistic reps.

Again, the goal is to move the weight very fast with each repetition of each set to increase muscle power; Doing too many repetitions will fatigue your muscles and slow down the speed of the following repetitions at the end of the series, preventing you from achieving your goal. Because fatigue needs to be decreased when power training, rest periods between sets should be a minimum of 2 minutes.

As with other special training techniques, use the ballistic rep sets only occasionally; repetitions at normal speed should make up the majority of the series. When you include this technique in your training, select one or two exercises and do three to five sets of ballistic repetitions at the beginning of your training.

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